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Could the Secret to Quitting Smoking Be Found in Ancient Plant Medicine?

Ever wonder why it is so difficult to quit smoking? Sure, we all know nicotine is habit forming but what makes it so damn addictive?!? When nicotine enters the body, it releases dopamine in the brain which causes a pleasurable feeling. The feeling only lasts for a few seconds after which we unconsciously are instructed to take another hit! Dopamine is sometimes referred to as the brain’s reward system and is activated by everything from sex to baking cookies. Whether we are aware of it or not, our brains are hard-wired to seek out behaviors that release dopamine. Some dopamine releasing activities are infrequent and mild while others occur often and are strong.  Nicotine is an example of the latter...

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The Truth About Nicotine

Navigating through the mass of conflicting and confusing information about smoking, vaping and nicotine use can be an difficult task. It seems that there is a false sense of security in thinking that because we are no longer creating tar and chemical release in the body from smoking, that there are no serious considerations about using nicotine. The information presented has been compiled by a Naturopathic physician with a degree in biochemistry and is backed by scientific studies. SBB absolutely values everyone’s freedom to choose what is right for them. We also believe that you should have the facts separated from advertising hype to make solid informed decisions. Nicotine is addictive. Many nicotine sources were sprayed with pesticides. Pesticides can...

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