Could the Secret to Quitting Smoking Be Found in Ancient Plant Medicine?

Ever wonder why it is so difficult to quit smoking? Sure, we all know nicotine is habit forming but what makes it so damn addictive?!?

When nicotine enters the body, it releases dopamine in the brain which causes a pleasurable feeling. The feeling only lasts for a few seconds after which we unconsciously are instructed to take another hit! Dopamine is sometimes referred to as the brain’s reward system and is activated by everything from sex to baking cookies. Whether we are aware of it or not, our brains are hard-wired to seek out behaviors that release dopamine. Some dopamine releasing activities are infrequent and mild while others occur often and are strong.  Nicotine is an example of the latter and it serves to distort our natural brain chemistry and baseline dopamine function.  Over time, this leads to a downward spiral where more and more stimulation is needed to maintain a minimal level of satisfaction or pleasure.

What is withdrawal?

Withdrawal refers to symptoms that occur when an individual who is physiologically and physically dependent on a drug attempts to stop or significantly reduce its use. These symptoms can range from mild discomfort to severe and debilitating sickness. Factors that affect an individual’s withdrawal symptoms include the type of substance, duration of use, quantity of use, and the person’s overall health.

How we can help

Through a study of ancient nature-based remedies combined with a rigorous process of contemporary scientific studies, as well as working in conjunction with highly skilled herbalists and naturopathic physicians, Sacred Body Botanicals was able to formulate a 100% natural, nicotine-free, plant-based formulation to ease discomfort from nicotine withdrawal.  

Unlike other in-market cessation products that seek to perpetuate the addiction by shifting from one form of nicotine for another… we wanted to craft a solution that could allow people to actually break free from nicotine entirely.  We sought to develop a process that would allow the brain and body to return to a natural state.  Our chosen approach is to ease the feeling of nicotine withdrawal in order to make the quitting process less painful and intimidating.  By removing the barriers to quitting, we empower nicotine users to finally lean in and act on their long-standing desire to walk away from nicotine once and for all. 

Our solution is completely non-addictive and has none of the harmful side effects associated with pharmacological or nicotine replacement therapy products (i.e. patches & gums).  Our patented Beast Relief formulation has been market tested and has enjoyed an enthusiastic and very positive response.  SBB is now preparing for our 2024 national product launch and is currently seeking funding to drive this effort forward. 

Unlike other consumer products, the fundraising process for Beast Relief products has revealed some interesting data points.  For example, some prospective investors stated they couldn’t get behind a product that didn't define success as how effectively it could create life-long consumers who would purchase our product in perpetuity. We rejected these prospects out of hand and instead chose to continue to measure success based on how many customers are able to transition to a new nicotine-free normal. Said differently, we see success when somebody has conquered their addiction to the point where they don’t need our solutions–  A future state of reality in which a person doesn’t even think about nicotine, the quitting process, or cravings/triggers/relapse in their day to day lives. 


The reflexive strategy of wanting to create life-long consumers is very telling.  It explains why FDA approved drugs, gums, patches, and other nicotine-containing cessation products have been the only option for nearly 25 years.  Between their low efficacy rates and the fact that they swap one form of nicotine addiction for another, we can clearly see how a perpetual revolving door has been established.  Big marketing and advertising spending serve to maintain the status quo and the unsuspecting public ends up paying the price with lost money, deepening addiction, and worsening health. 

We’ve done the math and are very content in our ability to simultaneously help people while also building an enduring business with solid fundamentals.  We believe that investing in health and well-being is akin to investing in our world and our future.   

Our founder started smoking in her youth, and though she otherwise lived a very healthy lifestyle, she was unable to tackle her nicotine addiction before permanent damage and chronic health problems settled in. Deep regret over her past choices and seeing untold millions of young people unwittingly going down the same path were the driving motivations behind the foundation and growth of Sacred Body Botanicals.  

Our early successes tells us we have effectively developed something that can help countless people and are thrilled to be on the doorstep of a national launch.  We simply need your help to get us over the top and cross the finish line!

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing our crowdfunding campaign and we’d love to have you join the fight, regardless if it’s in a modest or substantial capacity. Contributors will be first in line to receive a free product upon launch.  If you have not done so already, please consider signing up for our newsletter so you can claim your free product coupon and receive updates and news on our efforts to help the world breathe a little easier!