About Sacred Body Botanicals


Sacred Body Botanicals® is the culmination of knowledge from the untold multitudes of people who came before us.  People who for millennia identified, researched, documented, and refined the benefits of nature-based botanical solutions.

It is with great respect and gratitude that we acknowledge the contributions of the many diverse cultures that contributed to making today's holistic medicine a force for good in a world where so many synthetic alternatives fall so woefully short.

SBB® utilizes this passed-down knowledge to formulate pure, nature-based products that can address a wide range of health and wellness concerns.  We then bring these products into the 21st century with cutting-edge scientific rigor, contemporary medical & homeopathic knowledge, and high GMP manufacturing standards.  Finally, we present these products in innovative packaging and delivery systems that are both delightful and sustainable.

Our journey began with one woman’s determination to unlock the secret to successfully quitting smoking. She started smoking in her youth, and despite always living a healthy lifestyle, was unable to break free from nicotine and avoid the debilitating damage she now endures daily. She had always used nicotine containing products such as gum and patches so she wouldn’t smoke. Then something stressful would occur and she was right back to smoking. It occurred to her that it was a pretty easy road back to cigarettes since using other nicotine products just switched the nicotine use from one product to another. She had tried to quit many times, and just couldn’t get past the severe withdrawal symptoms for more than a few days. She fondly named the relentless symptoms she experienced “The Beast”. Her life motivation is to help others avoid her fate by empowering them to walk away from nicotine before it's too late.

Having grown up with herbs and plant medicines, she knew there had to be a better approach than heavy handed pharmaceuticals, ineffective gimmicks, and the dead-end cynical approach of swapping one form of nicotine for another via NRTs (Nicotine Replacement Therapies such as gums & patches).

Starting with a vision of a better path forward, she found a naturopathic physician to help her bring it to life.  Her physician has a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, and 26 years of industry experience in the areas of natural products and herbal medicine. The focus was on finding botanicals known for easing nicotine withdrawal that were also backed by published scientific studies, had extensive usage history for efficacy, and were free of dangerous side effects.  

Through a lot of hard work and study they succeeded in developing a patented formulation and were able to successfully validate it in a beta test market. The immense number of heart-felt testimonials confirmed their findings, and with important learnings in hand, she began the work of bringing this important solution to all those in need.

Quitting nicotine use is not for the faint of heart, and aside from the physical dependance, there is a high level of psychological dependance. SBB has pulled together the most pertinent information from every credible source in this field of study in order to best help those who are ready to quit be successful.   None of us were born dependent on nicotine. It is something we did to ourselves. The good news is that we can refocus our minds and actions to enjoy a nicotine free lifestyle. We can do this together!

In Spring 2024 SBB® will be launching a crowdfunding campaign that will enable us to us bring our winning formulation to the entire nation and the millions of people in need.  The product will be fully sourced and manufactured in the US with a planned availability of late 2024. 

Our crowdfunding campaign represents a great opportunity for those touched by the ravages of nicotine to get involved and make a difference.  And remember, our greatest measure of success is when you no longer need our product as you live your new nicotine-free lives!