How Does Beast Relief Work?

A burning question is...Does Beast Relief work, and how does it work?

We conducted a beta-launch for several months and the testimonials indicate that it works quit well.

We also understand that quitting nicotine use has a high level of psychological dependance aside from the physical aspects of quitting. We weren’t born addicted to nicotine. It is something we have done to ourselves, and it becomes intertwined with just about everything we do.  We have the option to retrain our mind and our actions to a nicotine free lifestyle.

SBB has pulled together the most pertinent information from every credible resource we could find to help you be successful.

So, how does it work without nicotine?

Nicotine releases a chemical called dopamine in the same regions of the brain as other addictive drugs. It causes mood-altering changes that make you temporarily feel good. Smoking or vaping delivers nicotine to the brain within 20 seconds, which makes it very addictive—comparable to opioids, alcohol and cocaine.

Patented Beast Relief combines plants that safely offer a dopamine release in combination with other botanicals that soothe nerves. You are not just dropping the dopamine that your body has become so accustomed to, but replacing it in a safer manner. Beast Relief was developed responsibly by qualified experts who understand the science of addiction. Beast Relief provides solutions to minimize the withdrawal symptoms that prohibit most people from being successful in quitting.