Dirty Little Secrets of "Healthy Vapes"

A new fad has emerged in the vaping world and taken over social media: “healthy vapes.” Sometimes referred to as “nutritional supplement diffusers” or “vitamin vapes,” these new devices promise big health benefits to those looking to quit using traditional nicotine vaping devices or add some type of “boost” to their lifestyles. Some "healthy vapes" contain vitamins, essential oils, caffeine and mixed flavors claiming to promote all kinds of moods and health benefits.

But...should we be inhaling caffeine, vitamins, and flavor extracts? Perhaps it's time we go back to inhaling air as we're supposed to! What a novel approach to wellness!

Just because a substance seems harmless or is safe to eat doesn’t guarantee it’s safe from severe consequences when inhaled. Such is the case with some “healthy vapes.” While the components used in it may sound healthy, the degree of their usage and amounts can pose significant health risks. They are scientifically unproven and have potentially unknown risks.

For example, essential oils are highly concentrated and potent. Inhaling them directly from the bottle or diffuser can irritate the respiratory system, especially if the oils are not properly diluted. The inhalation of essential oil vapors is not generally dangerous, but very intensive inhalation for more than about 20 minutes may lead to respiratory distress and/or neurological symptoms, such as headache, nausea, burning of eyes and throat, cough, shortness of breath, or slowed breathing in young children. Continued use throughout the day would cause the same health concerns.

Don't take everything you see on social media as fact. Remember to do your research! We at Sacred Body Botanicals are here to help sort through the nonsense.